Adaware Review – Is Adaware Total Worth Buying?

Adware is a kind of malware that isn’t quite as dangerous as system-destroying virus or data-harvesting spyware. However, it can be just as annoying and invasive. Adware is also used to perform unwelcome tasks on your device. For example it can track the places you go to display ads specifically targeted to these locations. Adware authors can earn money by displaying targeted advertising without the need to sell the product directly.

As opposed to other similar products, adaware review offers only Windows protection – the free version doesn’t support Mac or iOS devices. It offers 24/7 technical support to paid users of the Total and Pro packages. The basic-only package gives you real-time antivirus and behavior monitoring as well as automatic scans of downloads and a robust firewall. However, it doesn’t provide web and email protection or any additional features, such as shredding files.

In AV-test’s lab tests the software performed very well. It was able eliminate all the known threats it tested against and block 97% of zero-day attacks. These scores are impressive, but not as impressive as the scores of the most popular security suites.

If you decide to buy the top-tier solution, Adaware Total, it’s worth noting that it’s currently 30% more expensive than its competitors. It’s because the company decided to move away from offering different levels of protection and instead bundle their tools into one package. This means you only get one license, but you are able to access a wide range of PC protection and privacy options, including the removal of tracking cookies torrent vpn optimization tools to speed up Windows boot time and the ability to prevent apps from accessing your camera or microphone.

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